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Jebs Headhunter 20 Gauge Retay .555 Turkey Choke Tube

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  • Jebs Headhunter 20 Gauge Retay .555 Turkey Choke Tube
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Jebs Headhunter 20 Gauge Retay .555 Choke Tube Matte Finish
by Jeb's Chokes

Product Overview

The Headhunter Turkey Choke was designed for both the long time hunter and novice. Jeb's chokes deliver exceptional patterns, at longer ranges, making it the best choice for turkey hunting. The JEBS turkey Choke incorporates their patented "multi-staged" interior bore designs, this choke tube allows for better "shot & wad cup" separation which makes its patterns more precise and dense on the target.

Specifications and Features:

  • .555 Inch Constriction
  • Specific to Retay (Masai Mara & Gordion) Firearms
  • Multi-stage Design
  • Good for Beginners and Professionals
  • Tighter Patterns

View the Jebs Choke Tube Fit Guide HERE.

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