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25 Caliber. 257 Diameter 110 Grain Poly Tipped Hunting 100 Count (Blemished)

OEM Blem Bullets # S25418 |  Item # 285-S25418
  • 25 Caliber. 257 Diameter 110 Grain Poly Tipped Hunting 100 Count (Blemished)
  • oem-blem-bullets
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25 Caliber. 257 Diameter 110 Grain Tipped Hunting 100 Count (Blemished)
by Major Manufacturer

Product Overview:

Blem Bullets are back! As part of our agreement we cannot disclose the manufacture, but these are the overruns and cosmetic blemished bullets from a Major Bullet Manufacturer! Midsouth customers know - Blem Bullets mean Big Savings!

All sales final. No returns on blemished products.

Blemished bullets may include any of the following characteristics:

  • Tooling Marks
  • First Runs From Setting Up Machines
  • Nose Variances
  • Appearance Changes
  • Boat Tail Changes
  • Cannelure Changes
  • Material Variances
  • Weight Variances
  • Lead Over Base
  • Tip Color May Vary From Images Shown

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