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Large Hanging Organizer

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  • Large Hanging Organizer
  • Large Hanging Organizer
  • Large Hanging Organizer
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Large Hanging Organizer

The Large Hanging Organizer is perfect for organizing all the loose items that tend to clutter the shelves of a vault. With a variety of pocket sizes and configurations it will easily hold handguns, knives, and electronics, jewelry, or just about any other small valuables. The three larger pockets feature zippers that can be opened to allow a handgun barrel to protrude through or closed to contain smaller items. A rigid back panel adds support to the organizer. Mesh pockets make it easy to see contents.
  • Secure & organize small valuables, handguns, knives, etc.
  • Universal Attachment System includes hooks for carpeted interiors & magnets for metal interiors
  • Mounts to inside of vault door
  • 6 pockets with elastic band and durable mesh fabric
Dimensions: 19.75"w x 12"h x .75"d

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