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Night Guardian Bedside Handgun Holster with Accessory Pouches

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  • Night Guardian Bedside Handgun  Holster with Accessory Pouches
  • Night Guardian Bedside Handgun  Holster with Accessory Pouches
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Buy 2 to hold a long gun or shotgun!

The Lockdown Night Guardian is an ideal solution for keeping a home defense weapon at the ready in the bedroom. The vinyl coated wire form frame fits securely between the bed mattress and box spring. A universal fabric holster attached to the wire form holds most any handgun along with a spare magazine and a small flashlight. The innovative shape also allows two Guardians to be used in conjunction to hold a long gun. Available in single Guardian for a Handgun or a set of two that accommodate two handguns or a long gun. Always practice responsible gun ownership by properly securing all weapons outside of your immediate possession. This product is NOT intended to prevent access to weapons. Night Guardian Handgun

- Conveniently holds a handgun, spare magazine and flashlight
- No more fumbling in the nightstand, keep a firearm within arm’s reach when time matters most
- Easily hides the firearm from view under the comforter of the bed
- Waved steel bar keeps bedside defender in place while drawing the firearm
- Universal holster for use with any size pistol or revolver
- Universal pouches for single or double stack magazines and most flashlights
- Additional defender can be used for the storage of a long gun

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