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The Competitive AR15 : The Ultimate Technical Guide

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  • The Competitive AR15 : The Ultimate Technical Guide
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The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide comes 10 years after the first book, and the original set a new standard. This one raises the bar even higher! It's not a rewrite or update but takes an all-new approach, with all-new material. There is a lot to talk about! Each and every AR15 rifle system and component is discussed and dissected, with each parts group given its own separate segment. Barrels, triggers, stocks, sights, receivers, gas system, and more. All totaled, there are 30 separate section and segment headings. It's easy to read and clearly organized. There are 475 large and clear photographs to accompany the text. No squinting! Learn which tricks work and which are a waste of time and money. Also see what enough money thrown at an AR15 can produce!

PARTS - barrels, receivers, bolts, carriers, magazines, gas system, triggers, and more...

PROJECT RIFLES - an even dozen AR-type rifles are dissected and evaluated, four factory-made target rifles and eight custom-built. The custom rifles featured a "best-of-the-best" approach with the goal of building The Competitive AR15 ultimates!

AMMUNITION - chambering, bullets, loads, cartridge alternatives, tools, tricks, troubles

MAINTENANCE - cleaning and caring for your AR15 and more and more and more.

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