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The Competitive AR15 : The Mouse That Roared

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  • The Competitive AR15 : The Mouse That Roared
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The Competitive AR15: the mouse that roared

Product Overview

Midsouth offers The Competitive AR15:The Mouse that Roared This AR-15 book is the original definitive source for information and insight to extract the maximum potential from this rifle. There is no other book that took it to this level, and discusses the totality of the process. This book takes an indepth look at the overall rifle, the associated gear, ammunition options and the shooter. All angles and elements are covered with special sections and chapters by some of the world's top shooters, like Lew Tippie and David Tubb, and gunsmiths like Derrick Martin and Bill Wylde. It's in a class of its own, just like the folks who produced it!

Specifications and Features:

  • Excellent Source for Data
  • Covers all Aspects of Shooting, Ammunition and Gear
  • Special Chapters from Noted Authorities

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