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The Competitive AR15 : Builders Guide

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  • The Competitive AR15 : Builders Guide
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The Competitive AR15: Builders Guide is a thorough, easy-to-read, and detailed book that will take its reader STEP-BY-STEP through the parts selection and preparation process, and then provides thorough instructions on how to assemble each and every firearm system component. Lower and upper receivers, barrel installation, trigger installation and tuning (including match two-stage units), bolt carrier assembly, free-float forend tube installations, sight assembly and modifications, magazines, tools and trouble-shooting, and more.

This book doesn't stop at the basics, not nearly. Top-grade rifles are assembled step-by-step, including a "space gun," tactical carbine, and NRA Service Rifle. Dozens of pro builder tips and tricks. You'll see how to get custom results without paying custom-built prices.

There are nearly 800 large, high-resolution, crystal-clear photos, all extremely detailed. There are a total of 272 pages in this book. Each is large format, 8-1/2 X 11 inches. "Lay-flat" binding lets you work through each assembly sequence with the Builders Guide right on your workbench.

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