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Top-Grade Ammo by Glen Zediker

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  • Top-Grade Ammo by Glen Zediker
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Top-Grade Ammo by Glen Zediker
by Zediker Publishing

Product Overview

Top-Grade Ammo by Glen Zediker

Top-Grade Ammo by Glenn Zediker is the go-to reloading book for .223 Remington ammo. Glen Zediker is one of the world's most renowned shooters. He is a NRA High Master and attained that rank with a AR15 Service Rifle. His authoritative book is geared towards the novice reloader that wishes to become a master. His reloading book takes a step by step approach that is both easy to follow and easy to understand. Glen covers a wide variety of semi-automatic rifles but his main focus is on the .223 for AR15s.


  • Complete and detailed bolt-actions and semi-autos
  • 15 main separate segments detail every operation, from basic to advanced
  • "Magazine"-style layout
  • 314 pages, 430+ photos, "lay-flat" binding

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