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Geissele Gas Block Pin Punch Set for AR-15

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  • Geissele Gas Block Pin Punch Set for AR-15
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Geissele Gas Block Pin Punch Set

The Geissele Gas Block Pin Punch set are made specifically for the removal and installation of the 0.078" roll pin that secures the gas tube to the gas block on an AR-15/AR-10. Removal of a rusted in gas block roll pin has always been a challenge since there are no commercial pin punches in 0.078" diameter. 1/16" (0.062") punches have a tendency to bend and very few starter punches are available in 1/16" diameter. The Geissele punch set make gas block work a whole lot easier. The first punch to grab when removing the roll pin is the Starter Punch. This is the punch with the long tapered end. The long taper is much more resistant to bending and buckling than the straight shank of the Pin Punch. Use the Starter punch to just get the roll pin moving. Then use the Pin punch to drive the roll pin completely out. Resist the temptation to just be quick about things and just use the Pin punch; a hard rap with a hammer on a stuck roll pin will cause the Pin punch can bend. The Geissele Gas Block punches are made from properly hardened and tempered 01 tool steel. However, they are considered a consumable item. Eventually, they will wear out and will need to be replaced. Geissele will not replace tools damaged from misuse or normal wear and tear. Always make sure your weapon is unloaded and the magazine removed before starting work. As with any impact tool, the use of safety glasses is mandatory when using the Geissele Gas Block Roll Pin punches.

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