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.223/5.56 Once Fired Range Brass Raw Approximately 500 Pieces

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  • .223/5.56 Once Fired Range Brass Raw Approximately 500 Pieces
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.223/5.56 Once Fired Rifle Brass Approximately 500 Pieces
by Once Fired Brass

Midsouth is proud to offer .223/5.56 Once Fired Rifle Brass in a Approximately 500 Pieces. This .223/5.56 brass is an economical choice for good used brass, that has been directly picked up from ranges. It's a mixture of both civilian .223 Remington and military style 5.56 x 45mm NATO. This brass has not been inspected, and has not been cleaned. This .223/5.56 Once Fired Rifle Brass is a mixed head stamp lot that will contain many different manufacturers brass. (See note below about crimped primers) Some of the .223/5.56 Once Fired Rifle Brass may show "heat marks" around the neck; that is not from excessive heat, but a procedure called annealing that is beneficial to the brass in extending its life.

This brass is Machine Sorted and Weight Counted. With variances among Manufacturers and Lot numbers, each piece of brass can weigh slightly different. Due to this variance in weight, there are APPROXIMATELY 500 Pieces per bag. Occasionally, you may find other calibers that have slipped through the collecting and packaging process.

NOTE: This brass will likely contain Lake City and other 5.56 NATO Brass that may have a crimped primer. Brass that has a crimped primer requires extra tools and time to get them ready for reloading.

*Warning - Some brass may be Berdan primed.

Specifications and Features:
  • 223 Remington and 5.56 Nato
  • Mixed Headstamp
  • Approximately 500 Pieces Bagged (Bulk Breakdown)
  • Range Brass
  • Not Cleaned
  • Economical choice

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