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Benchrest Target 250 Count Roll

Midsouth Targets # BRTARGET |  Item # 375-BRTARGET
  • Benchrest Target 250 Count Roll
  • Benchrest Target 250 Count Roll
  • Benchrest Target 250 Count Roll
  • midsouth-shooters-targets
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Midsouth Shooters Benchrest self adhesive targets on a convenient roll of 250 targets.

This target was designed for benchrest shooting, developing new loads or cataloging existing ones. This easy to use target has a 1/4" grid pattern at the top which helps measure groups. The vertical aiming square at the bottom helps align the cross hairs of your scope for consistant shot placement. At the very bottom of the target there is room to record your reloading information.

Overall Size 6" x 4"

Target Size 4.5" x 2.5"

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