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Lansky Sharpeners, Axes, Machetes, and More:

No Matter the situation, Midsouth has the cutlery to need in stock. Find everything from Case pocket knives, to Gerber Machetes, Cold Steel Axes, SOG Tactical Blades, or Lansky Sharpeners for sale at Midsouth Prices.

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Tri-Stone Benchstone
Closeout: $45.91
In Stock
Medium Grit 6
Closeout: $20.76
In Stock
Coarse Diamond Hone
Backorder OK
Plastic Pedestal/Mount
Closeout: $4.39
In Stock
Convertible Super
Closeout: $14.70
In Stock
Extra Coarse Grit Sharpening Hone
Out of Stock
Coarse Grit Sharpening Hone
Closeout: $5.89
In Stock
Item Total: (12) 0 - 12