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Platinum Series Case Prep Center

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  • Platinum Series Case Prep Center
  • Platinum Series Case Prep Center
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Platinum Series Case Prep Center
By Frankford Arsenal

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Platinum Series Case Prep Center. The Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center is an all in one tool for getting your cases ready to reload. The Platinum Series is the top of the line in case preparation with hardened high speed steel tools that are sharp and stay sharp. The Center has four tools, inside chamfer, outside deburr, large and small primer scraper.


The Platinum Series Case Prep Center is designed specifically for ensuring your brass is free of burrs and other debris that can inhibit performance. The Case Prep center is equipped with four stations and comes with a deburring tool, chamfering tool and a large and small primer cup tool. The Center is threaded 8-32 and will accept any other tools with that thread. The output shaft is 200 RPM which will clean and prep your cases quickly and efficiently.

Specifications and Features:
  • Hardened Steel Tools
  • 8-32 Thread Pitch
  • 200 RPM Operating Speed
  • Chamfer, Deburr, Primer Tools Included
  • Aluminum Case

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