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Lock-N-Load Standard Metering Insert

Hornady # 050120 |  Item # 005-050120
  • Lock-N-Load Standard Metering Insert
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Lock-N-Load Standard Metering Insert

Switch this metering unit in and out of your Lock-N-Load Powder Measure with just a push of a button. (One included with Lock-N-Load measure — not compatible with the Bench Rest Grade or Black Powder Measure.)

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 050120

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 1.2500
- Height: 6.2500
- Width: 2.0000
- Weight: 0.3150LB(s)

Switch these metering units in and out of your


Powder Measure with just the push of a button. (Not compatible with the Bench Rest Grade Powder Measure.) Meters from 15 to 100 grains of powder.