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Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit

Hornady # 085003 |  Item # 005-085003
  • Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit
  • Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit
  • Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit
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Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit
by Hornady

Product Overview

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit includes everything reloaders need to produce high-quality handloaded ammunition, minus your cartridge specific DIES and SHELL HOLDERS. The Lock-N-Load Classic Press is a single stage, quick change unit that makes reloading a breeze. This reloading press is perfect for the beginner or an experienced pro. It features a built in Positive Priming System and utilizes the Lock-N-Load Die Bushings. The Hornady LNL Die Bushings allow you to swap between dies in seconds, while maintaining your settings for the next time you need them.

The Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit also comes with everything you need for case prep and powder measuring. This kit features an electronic scale, powder trickler, and funnel, along with a hand held priming tool and reloading block. Start with the One Shot Case Lube for sizing, then you can touch up your case mouths with the Chamfering and Deburring Tool to aid in bullet seating. It also includes the 11th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, which will inform you on everything you need to know to safely make the highest quality ammo possible.

Due to cases often stretching in length after being sized, they will require TRIMMING to safely and freely chamber.

This Reloading Kit Includes:

  • Lock-N-Load Classic Single-Stage Press [+]
  • Lock-N-Load Powder Measure [+]
  • G3 1500 Electronic Scale [+]
  • Powder Trickler [+]
  • Powder Funnel [+]
  • The 11th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading [+]
  • Three Lock-N-Load Die Bushings [+]
  • Hand Held Priming Tool [+]
  • Universal Reloading Block [+]
  • Chamfering and Deburring Tool [+]
  • 5oz One Shot Case Lube [+]
  • On Press Positive Priming System
  • Primer Catcher

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 085003

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 21.0000
- Height: 8.1250
- Width: 17.7500
- Weight: 25.1000LB(s)

Precision and ease make the Classic Press a winner. A single stage press is perfect for both beginners and those who want complete control over the entire process. The


Classic delivers both dependability and precision with its uniquely angled, solid cast frame that offers greater visibility and easier access to the cartridge. Designed to assure perfect die and shell holder alignment, its


quick change bushing system also makes the process quick and easy.


bushings not only let you switch from one die to another in a matter of seconds, they also offer the quickest and easiest die setup on the market. Just set the die and tighten the Sure-Loc™ ring on to the


bushing. Quickly remove and re-install without the need to readjust the die or keep a separate seater die for each of your pet loads.


Arms rotate on steel pins that run completely through the cast frame. The Power-Pac linkage design multiplies the leverage you apply to the handle, making it easier to size cases and reduces user fatigue.


Once the spent primer ejects at the top of the stroke, you can add a new primer to the PPS and it self-aligns to feed and insert the primer at the bottom of the stroke where leverage is best. Our self-aligning primer arm also allows for easy manual inserting of primers without having to raise the handle. All the work is done at the bottom of the stroke. Works easier than ram prime units and much better than old style primer arms. Small and large punch included.


This high strength alloy frame offers the rigidity and stability needed for precision reloading, and is guaranteed never to break or fail. The frame's unique angle gives the reloader greater visibility and easier access to the cartridge in the press.


Large, ball-style grip reduces fatigue. The long handle increases leverage and reduces effort. Perfect for the reloading novice, this kit offers everything you need to get started. (Reloading dies and shell holders sold separately.) Includes:


Classic™ Reloading Handbook


Powder Measure Digital Scale


Die Bushings (3) Primer Catcher Positive Priming™ System Handheld Priming Tool Universal Reloading Block Chamfer & Deburr Tool Powder Trickler Powder Funnel One Shot® Case Lube