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Improved Powder Measure Kit

Lee # 90100 |  Item # 006-90100
  • Improved Powder Measure Kit
  • Improved Powder Measure Kit
  • Improved Powder Measure Kit
  • lee-precision
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Improved Powder Measure Kit

Fifteen uniformly graduated and proportioned powder dippers. Slide card shows the grains of powder each measure will dispense of every type of powder. Powder measures are inherently safe as they cannot get out of adjustment. That's why powder dippers continue to be the first choice of reloaders who load in small quantities.

All dippers are measured in cc's

.3/ .5/ .7/ 1/ 1.3/ 1.6/ 1.9/ 2.2/ 2.5/ 2.8/ 3.1/ 3.4/ 3.7/ 4/ 4.3

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