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Ergo Prime Priming Tool

Lee # 90250 |  Item # 006-90250
  • Ergo Prime Priming Tool
  • Ergo Prime Priming Tool
  • lee-precision
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Ergo Prime Priming Tool

Premium hand held priming tool with all the features of the worlds most popular Auto-Prime, with a new ERGOnomic design. The Ergo-Prime has a highly sculpted body that fits your hand perfectly along with long smoothly contoured finger lever that easily installs the tightest primers.

  • Fingertip operation provides unmatched sensitivity and comfort especially for old hands.
  • Absolutely no tools or disassembly required when changing primer size. Simply remove shell holder and swap primer trays.
  • Uses special, but inexpensive Auto Prime shell holders, so there is no need to endlessley swap your press shell holders to prime.

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