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Universal Hand Priming Tool

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  • Universal Hand Priming Tool
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Universal Hand Priming Tool

Are you inconvenienced by having to use “special” shell holders for your hand priming tool? The new RCBS® Universal Hand Priming Tool eliminates that problem. The UHPT features a Universal Shell Holder system that will accept cases from .32 ACP to .45-70 Government. Simply install the appropriate size screw-in primer plug, fill the primer tray, insert it into the tool and you are off and priming! The ergonomic grip is comfortable to use by right or left handed users. The Primer Seating Safety Gate isolates the primer being inserted from the primer supply in the tray.

  • Improved performance and convenience over existing hand priming tools
  • Universal Shell Holder eliminates the need to have multiple or different types of Shell Holders for each cartridge
  • Primer Seating Safety Gate
  • Easily removed primer tray for quick primer refills
  • Redesigned primer tray accommodates all brands of primer packaging
  • Screw in primer seat plugs
  • Ergonomic grip
  • RCBS Lifetime Warranty

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