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The Ultimate Range Box /Maintenance Center

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  • The Ultimate Range Box  /Maintenance Center
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The Ultimate Range Box /Maintenance Center

MTM'S Shooting Range Box offers a great new way to store and transport cleaning kits for convenient at-the-range, repairs or cleaning. With a tool box on top and a cleaning station attached below, the RBMC uses a two-piece desing for compact transportation and convenience use once you get there. The top, tool section offers loads of divided space to keep jags, brushes, solvents, etc... sorted and organized. The overall length of the Shooting Range Box is long enough to support items like collapsible cleaning rods or tripod extensions. The base or cleaning station offers plenty of deep storage for supplies and ammo. The two adjustable gun forks feature soft, over-molded rubber padding, allowing for easy positioning of firearms and a firm non-marring hold. Made in the USA with chemical resistant polypropylene. Size 25"x 11.5"x 8.75" high.

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