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9 Round Ammo Wallet 22-250-375 Mag Brown

MTM # W9LM |  Item # 008-W9LM
  • 9 Round Ammo Wallet 22-250-375 Mag Brown
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9 Round Ammo Wallet 22-250-375 Mag Brown

The color of box you receive may differ from picture. We DO NOT order MTM case by color. We cannot pick colors of cases.

Hunters, as well as police snipers will appreciate being able to remove bullets quickly and quietly from their jacket or shirt pocket using these 9 round ammo wallets. These boxes hold your ammo securely and also provide tip protection. They come with a textured finish and a MTM 10-year guarantee.

Fits the following calibers: .22-250, 220 Swift, 243 Win., 25-06, .250 Sav. .257 Wby. Mag., .264 Win. Mag., .270, .280 Rem., 30-06,.300 H&H Mag., .300 Wby. Mag., 303 Brit., .308 Win., 35 Whelen, .375 H&H Mag., 40-60 Sharps Str.,6MM Rem., 7x57, 7MM Mauser, 7MM Rem. Mag., 7MM Wby. Mag. 8MM-06

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