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57GPR Receiver Sight For Great Plains Rifle

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  • 57GPR Receiver Sight For Great Plains Rifle
  • 57GPR Receiver Sight For Great Plains Rifle
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57GPR Receiver Sight For Great Plains Rifle


The most popular black powder receiver sight offers an immediate improvement in accuracy for the target shooter or hunter. Features 1/4 minute micrometer click adjustments for elevation and windage, and a quick release slide. Fits Great Plains rifles with the supplied adapter. Comes with both small and large apertures.

Specification & Features:

Installation of 57GPR on Lyman Great Plains Rifle

1. The Lyman Great Plains Rifle (made before April 1997) will require one hole to be drilled and tapped for the enclosed 8/32 screw. Rifles made after 1997 will have the hole drilled and tapped at the factory.
2. Remove slide from sight base.
3. Unscrew and remove rear tang screw. The original rear tang will not be used.
4. Place enclosed sight adapter block on tang (still in stock) so that the thick end of the adapter block is at the rear of the and the angled front edge lines up with the angled front edge of the sight base.
5. Place sight base on adapter block and attach it using the wood screw supplied with the adapter block. The screw is positioned in the rear hole and will pass through the sight base, adapter block and rifles tang, and then is screwed into the stock.
6. *Mark center of front hole on the tang and drill with a No. 29 drill (removing the tang and clamping it in the vise will protect the stock of the rifle during the drilling operation.)
7. *Tap hole for 8/32 thread.
8. Secure sight base and adapter block to the tang with wood screw and the 8/32 x 1/2" machine screw that is supplied with the adapter block.
9. Replace with slide.

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