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.40 Caliber Cleaning Jag

CVA # AC1462D |  Item # 215-AC1462D
  • .40 Caliber Cleaning Jag
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.40 Caliber Cleaning Jag
by CVA

Midsouth now carries the .40 Caliber Cleaning Jag . The CVA Muzzleloader Brass Cleaning Jag is all you need to make cleaning a breeze. The .40 caliber cleaning jag comes with male and female 10-32 threads, that will fit most ramrods on the market. The brass cleaning jag secures snuggly to the end of your CVA ramrod, making cleaning the full length of your barrel easy and efficient.

Fits .40 caliber muzzleloaders - 10-32 threading
Makes cleaning the full length of your barrel possible

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