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Universal Case Trimmer Kit With 9 Pilots

Lyman # 7862000 |  Item # 015-7862000
  • Universal Case Trimmer Kit With 9 Pilots
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Universal Case Trimmer Kit With 9 Pilots

Lyman's Universal Trimmer features the patented Universal Chuckhead which handles any case from .17 caliber to .458. No costly collets required! Features coarse and fine adjustments. Adjusting ring lets you "dial in to an approximate setting for quick repeatability". Includes 9 of the most popular pilots. Additional pilots add even greater range of calibers. Optional power adapter lets you upgrade to power in seconds.

Pilots inclued: 22, 24, 27, 18/7MM, 30, 9MM, 35 (.357/.38), 44 AND 45A.

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