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Black Powder Speed Loader

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  • Black Powder Speed Loader
  • Black Powder Speed Loader
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Black Powder Speed Loader
by Thompson Center

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Black Powder Speed Loader. The TC Black Powder Speed Loader is an all in one tool that will reduce your loading time significantly. The Speed Loader is filled with your favorite load; powder, bullet etc. and primers placed in the weather proof built in primer holder. The preloaded Speed Loader is attached directly to the barrel with a clamp, and then the ram is used to seat the load into the barrel. Finishing ramming the load home and seat a 209 primer. You are ready to shoot. The Loader also has a built in primer decapping tool that will easily remove 209 primers from the breech plug. This process can be repeated for three loads with the unique revolving chamber on the Speed Loader.

Specifications and Features

  • Holds Three Loads
  • Revolving Chambers
  • Weather Proof Primer Holder
  • Decapping for 209 Breech Plug
  • Holds up to 150gr of Powder

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