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.50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot

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  • .50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot
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.50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot
by Thompson Center

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the .50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot. The Quick Shot holds a pre-measured charge of black powder, a bullet and a primer or priming charge all in one handy container. Combine the .50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot with a patch and ram rod and you are set to quickly load your favorite 50 caliber muzzle loader. The .50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot holds a charge up to 150 grains a priming charge in a separate chamber or a 209 primer in the top recess. The .50 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot can also be used to hold up to three Pyrodex 50 grain pellets.

Specifications and Features

  • Up to 150 Grain Black Powder Charge
  • Holds 3 Pyrodex Pellets
  • Holds a Primer Charge or a 209 Primer
  • Convenient 3 Pack

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