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224 Valkyrie SB Sizer

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  • 224 Valkyrie SB Sizer
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224 Valkyrie SB Sizer

Product Overview

Midsouth no offers the 224 Valkyrie SB Sizer die. The 224 Valkyrie Small Base Die sizes the base of the case slightly smaller than the full length sizer to ensure proper functioning in automatic, semi-automatic, pump, slide and some lever action rifles. These dies are not recommended for use in bolt-action rifles. These dies are produced using the highest quality steel and will not rust if properly cared for and maintained. Each Small Base Die is precision machined to tight tolerance to ensure top quality cartridges from you reloading.

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Specifications and Features:

  • High Quality Steel
  • Precision Machined
  • Reduced Base of Case Slightly

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