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Quick Change Powder Measure

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  • Quick Change Powder Measure
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Quick Change Powder Measure

The RCBS® Quick Change Powder Measure offers the ability to go from light pistol to magnum rifle charges quickly. The powder hopper has been increased in size to hold a pound of smoke-less powder. The QC PM features metering assemblies that change out with the pull of a pin. Extra metering assemblies can be purchased to have them preset for your favorite smoke-less powder charges. The drain attachment empties the powder hopper without the need to remove it from the stand or press. The Quick Change Powder Measure includes one each Small and Large Metering Assembly and the Drain Attachment. The Quick Change parts can be used to upgrade your existing Uniflow ™ Powder Measure to this system.
NOTE: Do NOT use with black powder!

Note: the Powder Measure should be used in conjunction with an accurate powder scale for setting the original charge and for checking charges occasionally during the run. Stand Not Included

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