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Hoppe's 17/204 Phosphor Bronze Brush 5/40" Female Thread

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Hoppe's 17/204 Phosphor Bronze Brush 5/40" Female Thread
by Hoppe's

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Hoppe's 17/204 Phosphor Bronze Brush 5/40" with Female Thread. The Bronze Brush is the fastest and easiest cleaning system available. This brush has an 5/40 thread so it fits your favorite cleaning rods and scrubs the bore clean. The Bronze Brush is soft and will not mare or leave marks on the interior of your barrel but will get the hard to clean lead fouling and residue out. These can be used with any normal gun solvents and oils and when it is filled and filthy, you can wash it and reuse.


The Hoppe's 5/40 Bronze Brush is safe for all of your fine firearms and will not degrade with gun solvents and oils. When it is full and dirty, simply pop in the wash and it is ready to use again. These brushes are made from soft bronze that will not scratch or leave debris behind.

Specifications and Features:
  • Bronze Brush
  • Washable
  • 5/40 Thread
  • Works with Most Solvents and Oils

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