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Hoppe's 357/38/9mm Boresnake Field Kit

Hoppe's # 34002 |  Item # 060-34002
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Hoppe's 357/38/9mm Boresnake Field Kit

Removes loose grit and abrasive contaminants prior to the scribbing action of the brush. Removes metal fouling.Removes hardened deposits with the finest, bench-shooter specification, phosphor -bronze brushes. Cleans the bore with perfectly-sized floss providing 160 times more cloth than a patch. Prevents rust and corrosion with a few drops of gun oil applied to the trailing end of the cord. No exposed metal to damage sensitive crowns or riflings.

Kit contains:
  • Bore snake
  • .5oz bore oil
  • .5oz bore cleaner
  • (2) anti-rust gun cloths

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