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Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool

Forster # 011521 |  Item # 070-011521
  • Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool
  • Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool
  • Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool
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Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool
By Forester

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Forster Co-Ax Bench Priming Tool. The Bench Primer is a lever actuated type priming tool. It is constructed of durable steel and has three pre-drilled holes to secure it to your work bench. The Bench Primer allows you to load the feed tubes with a built in primer flipper. The cases are secured to the base with jaws that do not require caliber specific set up. No more using shell holders; just slide a case in, close the jaws and prime. The Bench Primer can do all sizes of primers and the primers are stacked sideways resulting in a safer working environment.

Specifications and Features:
  • Easy Set Up
  • Built in Primer Flipper
  • Universal Jaws Hold Cases
  • Large and Small Primer Tubes Included
  • Handles most Pistol and Rifle Cases
  • Built in flipper tray
  • Primers stack sideways for added safety
  • Weight: 1.59900lbs

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