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L.E. Wilson Cartridge Case Gage 204 Ruger

L.E. Wilson # CG204R |  Item # 088-CG204R
  • L.E. Wilson Cartridge Case Gage 204 Ruger
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L.E. Wilson Cartridge Case Gauge 204 Ruger

The most important use of a cartridge case gage is for setting up 7/8"-14 press type full length resizing dies. A common error in reloading is to oversize your brass. Headspace of fired cases can quickly and accurately be measured using this tool and a caliper.

Regular Style: This one piece gage will check overall length to indicate a need for trimming and datum to head length to assure correct headspace to prevent over sizing.

Adjustable Style: For belted mags. While the belt provides support for proper headspace, the life of the case will drastically shorten unless resizing is held to a minimum at the shoulder.

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