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AR500 1/4" Rimfire/Handgun - 8" Plate

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  • AR500 1/4" Rimfire/Handgun - 8" Plate
  • AR500 1/4" Rimfire/Handgun - 8" Plate
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AR500 1/4" Rimfire/Handgun - 8" Plate

Product Overview:

Caldwell 1/4'' AR500 Steel Plates are designed to take your shooting to the next level. Laser cut from certified AR500 steel, these targets offer unbeatable durability and performance for both beginners and seasoned marksmen. Capable of handling any rimfire or non-magnum handgun caliber firearm, Caldwell AR500 targets will last tens of thousands of rounds without damage.

These 1/4'' plates are lighter than thicker centerfire-rated steel plates, resulting in increased plate movement and a resounding ring upon impact; even with lower-energy shots.


  • 1/4" Steel rated for rimfire and non-magnum pistols
  • High Visibility yellow powder coat finish
  • Audible Ring
  • Durable AR500 Target Steel

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