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1" Rimfire/Airgun Steel Rings High Matte Finish

Warne # 722M |  Item # 223-722M
  • 1" Rimfire/Airgun Steel Rings High Matte Finish
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1" Rimfire/Airgun Steel Rings High Matte Finish

The Warne 22 rings are the strongest small bore rings available. They are designed to fit a very wide selection of rifles with either a 3/8" or 11mm dovetail. This is made possible by using a solid asymmetrical reversible clamp that be flipped 180 ° and used on wider or narrower dovetails for the best fit. The 22 rings are vastly different in design from our Maxima line of mounts. These rings weigh less due to their 70/30 horizontal construction and are only 1/2" wide. Attachment is made to the dovetail using a single T-15 Torx style fastener and have two of the same fasteners for the ring top strap holding the entire package securely together.

Ring Height .525"

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