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Vernier Ball Micrometer

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  • Vernier Ball Micrometer
  • Vernier Ball Micrometer
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Vernier Ball Micrometer
By Hornady


Midsouth has the Hornady Vernier Ball Micrometer. This Hornady micrometer tool will accurately measure your case neck thickness with an accuracy of .0001 inch.

Specification & Features:

  • Ideal for accurately measuring case neck thicknesses
  • Measure from 0-1" with accuracy within 0.0001"
  • Ratchet stop ensures uniform pressure for measurement repeatability
  • Spindle lock preserves measurement when removing cartridge case from micrometer
  • Baked-enamel finish on C-frame provides durability
  • Plastic storage case protects micrometer when not in use

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