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40 Smith and Wesson Unprimed Brass 200 Count

Hornady # 8742 |  Item # 003-8742
  • 40 Smith and Wesson Unprimed Brass 200 Count
  • 40 Smith and Wesson Unprimed Brass 200 Count
  • 40 Smith and Wesson Unprimed Brass 200 Count
  • hornady
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40 Smith and Wesson Unprimed Brass 200 Count
by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition

Product Overview

Midsouth is proud to offer 40S&W Unprimed Brass 200 Count. Hornady cartridge cases are well known for their exceptional quality and construction. Using detailed build procedures for the 40S&W Unprimed Brass ensures higher concentricity in each case that will ease bullet seating and round seating in your chamber. Our 40S&W Unprimed Brass cases also ensure very tight tolerances in their case wall thickness to produce the most accurate ammunition possible. Hornady's unique case creation allows the user more reloads and guarantees virtually identical cases from lot to lot.


The 40S&W Unprimed Brass is very consistent and will make preloading a simple and easy task. No more hours of trimming and sizing, thanks to the steps Hornady takes to ensure the 40S&W Unprimed Brass is correct when it leaves the factory. The high concentricity of the Brass ensure easy bullets seating and easy final loading.

Specifications and Features:

  • Tight tolerances for concentricity
  • Controlled wall thickness
  • Correct sizes lot to lot

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 8742

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 3.2500
- Height: 7.6250
- Width: 4.1250
- Weight: 2.0600LB(s)

The foundation of Hornady® Ammunition. At Hornady,® brass is the foundation for what could be the most memorable shot of your lifetime. Extra time and care is taken in the creation of our cases, producing smaller lots that meet strict quality standards. Our cases offer reloaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight and internal capacity. We measure for consistently tight wall concentricity and even run our cases through a pressure calibration test to ensure uniform case expansion during firing. Our cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well. High quality brass contributes to consistent charges and pressures.


Concentricity helps to ensure proper bullet seating in both the case and the chamber of your firearm. Higher concentricity also aids in a uniform release of the bullet on firing, for optimal velocity and accuracy.


Benchrest shooters have long known that uniform case wall thickness is vital to accuracy. We manufacture to extremely tight tolerances to ensure this critical element is as consistent as possible.


We treat Hornady brass as the foundation for an accurate cartridge, not a commodity. Because we take greater care in its creation you’ll get more reloads from Hornady brass.


Every single Hornady case, regardless of the lot in which it was produced, is virtually identical to other Hornady cases in the same caliber. For you, this means consistent pressures, velocity and accuracy — every time.