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Powder Through Expander .430 Diameter

Hornady # 290033 |  Item # 005-290033
  • Powder Through Expander .430 Diameter
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Powder Through Expander .430 Diameter

Hornady Quick Change Powder Die Powder Through Expanders are for use in conjunction with the Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop and Quick Change Powder Die. These powders through expanders have been restructured to work with both lead cast bullets and copper plated bullets and allow reloaders to charge cases while expanding the case mouth. 

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 290033

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 0.0500
- Height: 2.0000
- Width: 0.2500
- Weight: 0.1500LB(s)

Powder Through™ Expanders


are designed to work in conjunction with the Case Activated Powder Drop. These Expanders eliminate the need for a separate case mouth expander die on the

Lock-N-Load® AP™

press, freeing up an extra station for a taper crimp die or powder cop. The Expanders work for lead, plated and jacketed bullets.