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One-Shot 10 Oz Case Lube Spray

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  • One-Shot 10 Oz Case Lube Spray
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One-Shot 10 Oz Case Lube Spray
by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition

Hornady One-Shot Case Lube Spray is a non-hazardous, dry type lubricant. It can be safely used on all brass and tools for your reloading needs.

Hornady Case Lube's main features are:
  • Extends the life of dies and tools
  • It is a high pressure micro penetrating film
  • Eliminates the mess of liquid or paste lubricants
  • Can improve the damage on cases during extraction
  • Will help to eliminate jamming of full and semi-automatic firearms
  • Will not degrade or harm primers or powder

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 99913

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 2.7500
- Height: 7.7500
- Width: 2.7500
- Weight: 0.9420LB(s)

One Shot® Case Lube with DynaGlide Plus® technology is a micro-penetrating high pressure dry film. It contains no petroleum, teflon or other synthetic silicone so it will not contaminate powder or primers.