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Power Swabs Complete Pistol Kit 400 Count

Product Overview:

Tipton's Power Swabs are an essential part of your cleaning kit. They're disposable, fast, and easy to use, plus they provide no-mess cleaning with all your favorite solvents and oils. They also fit lands and grooves better than a patch for maximum cleaning.


  • Durable cotton swab construction
  • 7.5" flexible bamboo handle
  • Disposable
  • Fits lands and grooves better than a patch for maximum cleaning
  • No mess cleaning
  • Fast and easy to use

Kit Includes:

  • 22 Caliber: 50ea
  • 9mm/38 Caliber: 50ea
  • 10mm/40 Caliber: 50ea
  • 44/45 Caliber: 50ea
  • Pointed Tip: 100ea
  • Cleaning Tip: 100ea

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