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Rebel Plus Reloading Kit

RCBS # 9252 |  Item # 044-9252
  • Rebel Plus Reloading Kit
  • rcbs-reloading
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Rebel Plus Reloading Kit

Midsouth carries the RCBS Rebel Plus Reloading Kit. The Rebel Plus Reloading Kit is the most robust reloading kit offering with extra tools over other kits offered by RCBS that that make handloading more enjoyable


  • Rebel Single Stage Reloading Press
  • Uniflow-III Powder Measure and Advanced Powder Measure Stand
  • 1,500 grain digital pocket scale
  • Hand priming tool
  • Speer #15 manual
  • Pow'r Pull bullet pulling kit
  • Stainless Steel Calipers
  • Powder Funnel, Hand priming tool, fold-up hex key set, accessory handle 2 with case neck brushes, primer pocket brushes, deburring tool, case loading block and case slick spray lube, six die lock rings and shellholders (#3, #4, #10, #16, #27)

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