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RCBS Explorer Reloading Kit 2

RCBS # 9288 |  Item # 044-9288
  • RCBS Explorer Reloading Kit 2
  • rcbs-reloading
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Explorer Reloading Kit 2

Product Overview:

The Explorer Reloading Kit -2 is a great kit to start out to learn the art of hand loading.


  • Reloader Special 5 Single Stage Press
  • Uniflow-III Powder Measure[+]
  • 1,500 Grain Digital Pocket Scale[+]
  • Universal Hand Priming Tool[+]
  • Speer #15 manual[+]
  • Powder Funnel[+]
  • Fold Up Hex Key Set[+]
  • Deburring Tool[+]
  • Case Loading Block[+]
  • Case Slick Spray Lube[+]

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