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Adhesive 3" Bulls-Eye Target. 5pk w/ 150 Pasters

Champion # 46135 |  Item # 097-46135
  • Adhesive 3" Bulls-Eye Target. 5pk w/ 150 Pasters
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Adhesive 3 Bulls-Eye Target 5pk w/ 150 Pasters
By Champion


Peel-and-stick Champion® VisiColor® Adhesive targets create an instant shooting range. Multi-color impact halos help shooters track specific shot placement. Challenge friends with a wide variety of target options, like 50- and 100-yard sight-in targets, bullseyes and silhouettes. Get more time out of your target with the included Pasters that lead to hours of shooting.

Specifications & Features:

  • Peel and stick targets and pasters anywhere
  • Bright impact halos track shot placement
  • Pasters lead to hours of shooting
  • Multiple target designs available
  • Multiple target sizes available

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