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Adhesive 8" Bulls-Eye Target. 5pk w/ 40 Pasters

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  • Adhesive 8" Bulls-Eye Target. 5pk w/ 40 Pasters
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Adhesive 8 Bulls-Eye Target 5pk w/ 40 Pasters
By Champion


The VisiColor™ Adhesive Targets offer a wide variety of target options, including 50- and 100-yard sight-in targets, bullseyes, and silhouettes, making it easy to challenge yourself and your friends. Additionally, the included pasters allow you to reuse the targets, enabling you to enjoy longer shooting practice sessions. Designed to provide an easy and enjoyable shooting experience, the Champion® VisiColor™ Adhesive Targets are a must-have accessory for any shooter.

Specifications & Features:

  • Peel and stick targets and pasters anywhere
  • Bright impact halos track shot placement
  • Pasters lead to hours of shooting
  • Multiple target designs available
  • Multiple target sizes available

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