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.40 Caliber Cleaning Brush

CVA # AC1463D |  Item # 215-AC1463D
  • .40 Caliber Cleaning Brush
  • cva-muzzleloaders
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.40 Caliber Cleaning Brush
by CVA

Midsouth now carries the .40 Caliber Cleaning Brush from CVA. This Brass Bore Brush is made to fit all .40 caliber rifle and pistol barrels. The wire brush is made from non-sparking brass for quick and easy cleaning of your bore. The .40 caliber brass bore brush threads directly onto your ramrod or range rod for easy use. The CVA Wire Bore Brush is all you need to make cleaning your muzzleloader a breeze.

Specifications and Features:

  • 10-32 threading
  • Fits .40 Cal Muzzleloaders

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