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18 Inch Goldenrod Dehumidifier For Safes 110v

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  • 18 Inch Goldenrod Dehumidifier For Safes 110v
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18 Inch Goldenrod Dehumidifier For Safes 110v

Product Overview:

Eliminate moisture and protect your valuables! The Golden Rod Dehumidifier is designed to be placed inside your safe to slightly raise the ambient air temperature, preventing rust and corrosion. The Lockdown Golden Rod Dehumidifiers will continuously warm the air and create a convection current within the safe, causing it to remain at a lower relative humidity, thus protecting your firearms and other valuables. Must be mounted horizontally and at the bottom of your safe to work properly.


  • 18 Inch Length
  • Up to 200 Cubic Feet of coverage
  • Great for use in gun safes, boat hulls, campers, and other moisture containing areas
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA

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